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Meet with Your Healthcare Provider from Your Home or Office with TeleVisits!

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In times like now, with the COVID-19 precautions being taken to help keep you and your family safe, our TeleVisit offering can allow you access to care with your healthcare provider from the comfort of your home or office

Modern healthcare needs require modern solutions, and at Imperial Valley Family Care Medical Group, we're meeting that challenge head-on with healow TeleVisits. This technology facilitates remote office visits and is changing the way you can access and interface with your healthcare providers from the comfort and safety of your home or office using your computer or smart device (smartphone or tablet).

TeleVisits are convenient, secure, and private - and can be accessed using either your patient portal or the Healow App. During your TeleVisit, you and your healthcare provider will see and talk with each other using a computer or smart device. Your healthcare provider will be able to check how you're doing, diagnose any problems you have, and come up with a treatment plan for you all by video. Your healthcare provider will also document the TeleVisit in your medical record in the same way they would if your visit were in person.

Your video won't be recorded or saved and TeleVisits meet the strict standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means your privacy is protected just like all your visits with your healthcare providers.

What are the benefits of TeleVisits?

There are many benefits to having a TeleVisit, including:

  • Getting you the care you need without having to travel to the doctor's office
  • Saving you travel time and money
  • Helping you spend less time at your healthcare provider's office
  • Potentially requiring less time off from your work or responsibilities for your appointment

How do I Schedule a TeleVisit?

Simply call your doctor's office to schedule an appointment, or for assistance you can reach us at 760-355-7730 ext. 1165

If you have an emergency, dial 911 DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE DURING EMERGENCIES, PLEASE CALL 911